Flight booking

When your pet(s) cannot travel as hand- or excess luggage then you can book space on board for your preferred flight through us as specialized freight agent.

Because the space on board is restricted and we don't want to disappoint anyone we advise you to make a booking well in advance, at least a week before departure but earlier is also possible.

This gives you and us enough time to organize everything properly, which is not a luxury for certain destinations.


Before you can make a booking you will need to request a quotation, see the PETS menu.

When you click on "QUOTE" you will go to a form in which you can enter the details we need to be able to give you the possibilities and costs for your specific pet(s) and destination.

A quotation contains a lot of important information aimed at your specific request and to produce this for you we need of course some time.

We do our utmost to answer your quotation request within one or two working days.

A quotation request is free and does not oblige you to anything.

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